Runsun_CDMA 800MHz 8 Ports FWT/Gateway with 64 SIM Cards

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Runsun_CDMA 800MHz 8 Ports FWT/Gateway with 64 SIM Cards

Posted:Fri 29 of Oct, 2010 (10:02 UTC)
Our products widely applied in remote and mountain areas, company business, coin telephone in long-distance bus, public telephone service, and dwelling house with weak signal etc. In order to serve you with our best efforts, any opinions or suggestion please contact with our dealer.

Some functions
1) Support to dial all number including of * # (Optional)
2) DTMF Automaticly dialing to GSM , to voip gateway , PABX(Optional)
3) SPK & MIC volume regulate(Optional)
4) Provide accumulator charger interface (Optional)
5) Multiparty Calling teleconference (Optional)
6) Setable Maxim talking time to warn of exchanger card (Optional)
7) SIM Rotator Automaticly(Optional)
8) IMEI changing (Optional)
9) Rasio Bases Changing Automaticly to simulate movement(Optional)
10) Simple to install and easy to maintain
11) Steady module & reliable design ensures good performance
12) Strong signals with high gain antenna

If you want to know more information, please contact us or sent email.
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