Runsun_CDMA 800/1900MHz 8 Ports FWT/Gateway with 32 SIM Cards

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Runsun_CDMA 800/1900MHz 8 Ports FWT/Gateway with 32 SIM Cards

Posted:Fri 29 of Oct, 2010 (10:07 UTC)
Our FWT meets to the China National Communication Standards YD/T884-1996. It also accord with the Europe Communication Standards. It is permitted to use in GSM/CDMA network. GSM/CDMA network is a worldwide cellular technology used communication system. The FWT can be used in different countries’s GSM/CDMA network. You can make calls and receive calls with the FWT ,the same as using PSTN phone.

Call termination & call origination
FWT, Fixed wireless terminal, 8 ports FWT,
GSM 8 ports FWT with IMEI changer,
8 ports FWT with 32 cards, SIM auto rotate FWT
Call termination & call origination/-Network Support:
GSM 850 MHz 900 MHz 1800 MHz 1900 MHz CDMA 800MHz
Standard RJ-11 (FXS) to telephone or voip gateway & PABX
Radio Bases Changing Automaticly to simulate movement (Special Optional)
Multiparty Calling teleconference (Special Optional)
Setable Maxim talking time to warn of exchanger card (Special Optional)
IMEI changing function(optional)
You can change the IMEI to any 15-digital code.
Call Forwarding /-Caller ID/-Callback Function

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