grnVoIP now offers U.S. Directory Assistance and Conference/Chat Lines

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grnVoIP now offers U.S. Directory Assistance and Conference/Chat Lines

Posted:Mon 08 of Nov, 2010 (10:20 UTC)
grnVoIP is pleased to announce expanded coverage offerings for it's U.S. retail termination product. Effective immediately, it is now possible for you to access SIP and H.323 termination to U.S. National Directory Assistance numbers and free conference/chat lines.

U.S. National Directory Assistance allows you to contact a live Operator to search for the listed phone number of a person or business in the United States. In the North American Numbering Plan (covering Canada and the United States), directory assistance may be contacted by dialing 1-area code-555-1212.

grnVoIP also provides dedicated access to free conferencing and chat services that are often blocked by other VoIP service providers due to the high reciprocal compensation fees charged by rural telcos that often host these services. The most popular of these services - offered by - drew a lot of attention when it was blocked by the largest mobile carriers, and many other providers as well. However, it remains a very popular service among callers worldwide due to the many features available for free.

Both directory assistance and conference/chat call termination are included in the U.S. retail product offered by grnVoIP. In addition to these services, grnVoiP continues to offer the best retail/premium routes at the lowest cost.

If you are not already a wholesale termination customer, get a risk free account today for $50.00 (fully refundable if you are disatisfied for any reason) at If case you have any questions or comments, please contact