we need reseller 3 voip account, with multiple working dialers over uae, oman, qattar

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we need reseller 3 voip account, with multiple working dialers over uae, oman, qattar

Posted:Fri 26 of Nov, 2010 (18:33 UTC)


This is Aneez Al sheikh from www.d2call.com, based at calicut, Kerala , INDia writing to you inquiring about your services.

to introduce www.d2call.com, we where the part of another big company which started off its voip operation back at 2001. later due to some unavoidable circumstances the mother company had to part into three companies, from where d2call.com evolved.

We are working versatilely since the last 4 years or near. catering to the wholesale market. now we wish to plunge into the retail market with the latest mobile dialers and other solutions. As such we came across your service and would want to know more about your reseller plans.

We are planning to sell off retail services at Yemen, Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and other areas.

1:We are on look for reseller ship from a company providing multiple brand mobile dialers (like vps, itel, gplex and as the likes) such that if one gets blocked by an ISP the other would work untill the first comes up with the solution. which all dialer brands do you provide??

2:We are on look for a master reseller account, normally quoted as R3 . what are your reseller rates for the following destinations?

1: India, 2: pakistan, 3: bangladesh, 4: srilanka, 5: philipines, 6: china, 7: africa, 8: other asian destinations.

We are expecting your rates for those destinations along with the A-Z, with sec pulse and other terms and conditions.

do add up aneez@d2call.com over your gtalk/msn to communicate online

our target rates:

919 == 0.0108

9194 = 0.0129

91 = 0.0138

BD grey = 0.023

BD white cli = 0.029

Pak grey = 0.043

Pak white cli = 0.0485