Configuring inbound and outbound call routing for SPA9000 + SPA 400

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Configuring inbound and outbound call routing for SPA9000 + SPA 400

Posted:Wed 01 of Dec, 2010 (06:04 UTC)
Dear All,

I have got SPA 9000 + SPA 400 and my telephones are SPA 921
I have got 14 telephones at home
SPA 400 , SPA9000 and all telephones are upgraded to the latest firmware

My SPA 400 has got 3 FXO Lines

SPA9000 IP is
SPA400 IP is


I have got 4 extensions + 1 extension for rount hunt group

My requirement as following

Line 1 incoming call should be routed to 3 extensions simultaneuosly and all House should use the first FXO line as outbound
Line 2 should be routed to a specific extension (E.G 15) and the same extension should use line 2 as outbound
Line 3 should be router to a specific extension (E.G 16) and the same extension should use the line 3 as outbound

I want to stick FXO LINE 2 and 3 For the 2 extensions only and no one else can use it

I want to make all the outbound dial tone as 9 for prefix

I have fulfilled requirment of Line 1 already by the Wizard and made rount hunt group

the current status now that all the 3 fxo lines are routed to the route hunt group only

Knowing that I have tried to use the wizard to configure them I am unable to use SPA 400 for multiple lines
It asks for
Service Provider 1
Service Provider 2
Service Provider 3
Service Provider 4

I can use only SPA 400 9000@
and I can't allocat SPA 400 in other


The Proxy that is written on Line 1 , Line 2 , Line 3 is

I have tried to put the contact list for each line as for the extension
E.G LINE 1 for (30) hunt group
Line 2 contact list write (16 room1)
line 3 contact list write (17 room2)

Sometimes in line 2 and 3 working for inbound call routing and sometimes not

I want to acheive the requirement for line 2 and line 3 its not acheieved yet at all

I don't know which part play roles in controlling the outbound and inbound calls routing

Is it related to Shared Line Appearence on the phone settings whether shared or private (Shared User ID)
Is it related to Sip Settings (Sip port on phone settings)
Is it related to Proxy and registration on both sides (pHONE , spa 9000 or both )
is it related subscriber information on both (Phone and Line settings on SPA9000) like Display , User ID
Is it related to a Dial plan on (Phone or line settings on spa 9000)
Is it related to a contact list on the Line settings
Is it related to a call routing rule on lines

Please explain to me which part related to Inbound call routing and which part is related to outbound call routing
And in case if there is a dial pattern or dial plan please tell me what is the syntax for it.

I tried to use the Admin guide for SPA 9000 regarding call routing it doesn't explain easily

Many thanks in advance for the help