How to setup VoIP using VPN?

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Re: How to setup VoIP using VPN?

Posted:Mon 10 of Mar, 2014 (09:53 UTC)
Keep updating such type of information in future too.
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Re: How to setup VoIP using VPN?

Posted:Thu 10 of Feb, 2011 (11:14 UTC)
You need a VPN connection. That can be as simple as having a compatible routers at each end to create the tunnel.
The LANs on each side will need to be different IP ranges, so they don't clash.

I use draytek routers that make it simple(ish).

If you don't understand the above, then you need to start by Wikipedia'ing the terms "VPN", "IP Routing".
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How to setup VoIP using VPN?

Posted:Sun 12 of Dec, 2010 (17:31 UTC)
Hi Friends,


I am in XYZ country here I have seen such a VoIP Setup at my friend's office in which whenever I call to my friend's office & press 120 extension call goes to other country (ABC),

Here in this country XYZ VoIP is banned by ISP & we are not using VoIP,

I asked my friend abt this setup but he could not explain me well,

He just told me that we are using Internet line (PRI/BRI Lease Line or 2 Mbps ADSL Line) with VPN using Cisco routers,

Can any one explain me how the things are working & what all i need if i want to set the same at my office w/o interrupted by my ISP,

Pls explain me in-dept since i am not a voice & telecommunication experts/ technician,

Many thanks in advance,