VoIP and SMS

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Re: VoIP and SMS

Posted:Wed 16 of Feb, 2011 (18:35 UTC)
The best thing for you to do in my opinion is to call a telecom provider and see what they say. Call a couple CRM companies so that in the end if you do find something you can play them against each other. Here is a company that I have called recently for questions and advice, http://www.co-nexus.com/
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Dallas VoIP

Posted:Thu 27 of Jan, 2011 (19:27 UTC)
I have a VoIP system from http://www.interwestcomm.com/ i have noticed that they have a lot of content about SMS but to be honest i haven't tried utilizing it. Check them out and see if they have what you need! So far their services have been great. hope this helps!
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VoIP and SMS

Posted:Tue 04 of Jan, 2011 (13:27 UTC)
While SMS isn't strictly a VoIP issue, I am sure there are some people here who have a good understanding of telecom networks and markets and who can help me with this question. First, my understanding is that SMS's are delivered as messages in / on top of the SS7 protocol. Hence, technically every VoIP provider with direct access to an SS7 network (i.e. not resellers) should theoretically have the technical access necessary for delivering and/or receiving SMSs. What I had hoped to find is a provider from which I can get a (voice) DID on which I can also receive SMS i.e. one that acts more or less like a cellphone number. What I found instead are long numbers and short codes for receiving SMS (depending on the country) but none of these are capable of voice. Is it even possible to get a voice + SMS DID short of going through a mobile provider and using a GSM modem?

I also noticed that many of the SMS delivery services I can find only deliver messages to a subset of the mobile providers in a given country, which is again something that would be quite unusual in the telephony environment. This all makes me suspect that regulation (or lack thereof) is the reason for this (to my, admittedly, quite limited understanding of the issue) strange disparity between voice and SMS. Could somebody with a more thorough understanding of the issue shed some light on it?