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Posted:Sun 16 of Jan, 2011 (21:46 UTC)
Hello - I'm new to this forum; I hope I'm using it right.

I'm the volunteer coordinator for a non-profit social enterprise called Inveneo (www.inveneo.org) that sets up ICT systems in developing countries. I have no technical background whatsoever; I help find volunteers who do.

We are looking for a volunteer who can help us modify Asterisk for use in video conferencing. Here's how our chief engineers explains what we're looking for:

Asterisk + Video Conferencing simplified installation and configuration
Real world application: Telemedicine

Many of the projects we set up are in underserved communities in Africa, Haiti and Asia. Without telemedicine, many patients would receive no health care at all. This project will help provide more accessible, quality care to patients in very rural, remote places.

If you're interested in applying your programming skills to help improve health care for others (or have suggestions), please post a message here or email me at mira at inveneo.org.

Thanks in advance!