Leverage Mobile VoIP

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Leverage Mobile VoIP

Posted:Thu 20 of Jan, 2011 (11:22 UTC)
The worldwide explosion of Android and iPhone devices is creating new opportunities for VoIP service providers. The spread of these powerful handheld computers, combined with the availability of open SIP clients (such as Fring, SIP Droid and Whistle), means that every smartphone user is a potential VoIP customer.

Some obstacles still remain to be overcome however. EZ Call has made it easier for VoIP service providers and enterprises to embrace mobile VoIP by deploying Speex and iLBC transcoders into its core network. This means that you may now send traffic to any EZ Call route using Speex or iLBC as your primary codec without making any changes to your routing patterns. EZ Call's session border controllers will seamlessly determine when transcoding is necessary and make the needed adjustments.

If you are an existing customer, you can take advantage of this new functionality simply by sending Speex or iLBC as the preferred codec in your SIP INVITE messages. New customers can gain access to this capability by signing-up for a No Risk wholesale termination account at http://www.grnvoip.com.