Needed: Systems Administrator- Asterisk and Freeswitch

Joined: Thu 20 of Jan, 2011

Needed: Systems Administrator- Asterisk and Freeswitch

Posted:Thu 20 of Jan, 2011 (17:58 UTC)
Date Revised: January 4, 2011
Job Title: Systems Administrator– Asterisk & Freeswitch

Businesses across Illinois and Indiana trust the Joink Technical Services Group (TSG) to provide the highest levels of technical support, software development and network infrastructure design and consulting. A key component of that work includes the IP-based phone systems we develop and deploy using the Asterisk and Freeswitch platforms. Growth in our business means we are expanding our team of technical consultants, and we are looking for someone who can make an impact. Are you looking for a smaller organization where your work will be recognized and rewarded? Are you proactive, quick on your feet and never met a technical challenge you couldn’t overcome? Do you have expertise in open-source phone systems, IP Telephony and are comfortable working directly with clients. Are you looking for a technical environment that leverages diverse technologies, that gives you the opportunity to show off your skills, and where you will continue to grow? Then you may be just the individual we are looking to hire.

Joink, LLC started out as an Internet Service Provider providing dial-up, DSL and fixed wireless broadband Internet services. Headquartered in Terre Haute, Indiana, the company has been delivering the Internet through wireless technology since its inception and is one of the largest wireless broadband providers in North America. Over the last few years, Joink has leveraged its enterprise knowledge of networking and telephony technologies to provide network and software consulting services to businesses across its footprint. The company is also a pioneer in the deployment and development of open-source IP-Telephony systems based on the Asterisk platform.

We have a large number of installed Asterisk and Freeswitch systems and hosted systems and applications and our business is growing. The Systems - Maintenance – Asterisk and Freeswitch position will serve a key role in helping to oversee, maintain and expand our IP telephony line of business and technical solutions. This is a full-time position, Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm. On occasion, client-impacting outages will demand assistance on an unscheduled basis. All exceptions to the scheduled will be announced in advance whenever possible.

Key responsibilities include:

•Maintaining approximately 30 installed Asterisk and Freeswitch services installed in a variety of capacities. Maintenance includes all aspects of proactive maintenance, configuration management, upgrading/updating, and performance optimization.
•Building and imaging servers, maintain Linux images and distributions.
•Working with Supermicro and Sangoma as needed on managing consistent hardware platform support.

Key qualifications include:

•Current DCAP.
•Solid understanding and maintenance experience in a LINUX environment (We use CentOS).
•Experience compiling, building and installing Asterisk in both new and existing environments.
•In-depth understanding of Asterisk and Freeswitch configuration files and ability to migrate files between various versions.
•Understanding and experience of Sangoma Hardware (we primarily use A104 cards).

Preferred by not required:
•Practical experience using PBX systems in call center environments.
•Understanding of SuperMicro hardware platforms.
•Possessing a high-degree of professionalism, punctual attendance and adherence to company policies.
•Ability to generate and apply patch files, perform debug/backtrace work, and effectively communicate with software developers to enhance code for increased functionality or bug fixes.

Joink, LLC is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and will not discriminate against or harass any applicant or employee on any grounds prohibited under any federal, state or local law, including race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, veteran status, citizenship or membership in any other legally protected class.