Issue: Asterisk Parking (ParkAndAnnounce)

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Re: Issue: Asterisk Parking (ParkAndAnnounce)

Posted:Thu 03 of Feb, 2011 (14:31 UTC)
Here is the relevant code. We don't use ARG2. There is additional code to check available open parking spaces, 2, 3, etc... Basically we park users at level+2 digits starting at 10 - so the parking extension can be 123410, 123411

;  ${ARG1} - Parking Level
;  ${ARG2} - Extension at which to park
;  ${ARG3} - Announcement device (the device doing the parking)
;  ${ARG4} - Context to return to
;  ${ARG5} - Extension to return to
;  ${ARG6} - Priority to return to
;  ${ARG7} - Duration of the park

exten => s,1,Set(PARKING_DEVICE=${CUT(ARG3,,1)})
exten => s,3,Set(PARKINGEXTEN=${ARG1}10) exten => s,4,Goto(SPACE1,1)

exten => SPACE1,2,Set(PARKINGEXTEN=${ARG1}10)

exten => DOTHEPARKINGNOANNOUNCE,1,ParkAndAnnounce(beep|${ARG7}|Local/PARKNOANNOUNCE@otherfunctions/n|${ARG4},${ARG5},${ARG6})

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Issue: Asterisk Parking (ParkAndAnnounce)

Posted:Wed 02 of Feb, 2011 (18:00 UTC)
We use asterisk 1.4.39. We use ParkAndAnnounce to hold calls between users. We would like it to come back to a specific context, and number/priority. For the sake of this example, we'll call it Context A, Extension 4600, Priority 1. The ParkAndAnnounce happens to be in a macro that is called when the user dials 02330 - the name of the macro is doPark.

When we do the park, it wants to go back to extension contextA,02330,1 - See the excerpt below from the call stack.

We basically have had to make the return time 28800 seconds to avoid the calls ringing back. When we had them ringing back in a 60 seconds, they would repark themselves because they would call the 02330 number instead of the desired 4600.

Additionally, when the initial caller hangs up, the server does not seem to know that, so it keeps the BLF turned on as if somebody is still parked.

This used to work in version 1.4.26, but not in any of the versions above that till .39 We need to be running a version higher than .26 for realtime applications, and so going back to .26 is not an option.

Any ideas? Are we recompiling with an incorrect header file? I am not sure what else it could be.

===== Excerpt from call stack 

ParkAndAnnounce("SIP/", "beep|28800|Local/PARKNOANNOUNCE@otherfunctions/n|contexta|4600|1") in new stack
    -- Dial Tech,String: (Local,PARKNOANNOUNCE@otherfunctions/n)
    -- Return Context: (contexta,4600,1) ID: +15555555555
    -- Started music on hold, class 'abc', on SIP/
  == Parked SIP/ on 1510@parkedcalls. Will timeout back to extension [contexta] 02330, 1 in 28800 seconds

===== End Excerpt from call stack