Asterisk 1.8 problem with CallerID in Queue()

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Asterisk 1.8 problem with CallerID in Queue()

Posted:Thu 03 of Feb, 2011 (14:44 UTC)
I have Asterisk 1.4.24 and there everything works fine.
But in 1.8 when Queue() dials the member, member see CallerID = extension witch accepted call in Asterisk:

What i do: I call from 101010 to number 456.
In * I have exten => 456,1,Goto(support,s,1)
[ support ]
exten s,1,Queue(support,dt,,,,)

I have 1 member in queue support. The member see CallerID = 456, but i call from 101010:

asterisk*CLI> core show channels verbose
Channel Context Extension Prio State Application Data CallerID Duration Accountcode PeerAccount BridgedTo
H323/ default 456 1 Ringing AppQueue (Outgoing Line) 456 00:00:03 (None)
H323/ip$ support s 28 Up Queue support,dt,,,, 101010 00:00:15 (None)
2 active channels

Can somebody tell me what is wrong?