New to Freeswitch

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Re: New to Freeswitch

Posted:Tue 15 of Mar, 2011 (05:14 UTC)
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New to Freeswitch

Posted:Tue 08 of Feb, 2011 (02:42 UTC)
Hi all,
Well, I'm relatively new to Freeswitch and VOIP in general. Looks fun though.

As it stands, I run a cloud server farm. I'd like to make freeswitch available on each instance, so my clients can have VOIP service. I'm running maverick across the board, and I've chosen to go with Freeswitch on the server side, and SIP-Communicator on the client side. I am also using iCall as my gateway. I have followed the following tutorials to the "T".

The only exception is I got it from the repository (apt-get install freeswitch). I've also opened the appropriate ports. At this point, Freeswitch appears to be running, I can access all of my ports, DNS is correct, but for whatever reason, my client isn't connecting to my server and placing a call is impossible. There are about 30 possibilities at this point as to what the problem could be.

My question is, is there any way to use Freeswitch from the command line? Basically , is there some long convoluted command that will let me place a call directly using freeswitch so I can start trouble shooting the problem?