E1/T1 GSM Gateway, E1 GSM PBX,E1 GSM bank Channel

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E1/T1 GSM Gateway, E1 GSM PBX,E1 GSM bank Channel

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Gnex:Manufacturer of E1/T1 GSM Gateway, E1 GSM PBX,E1 GSM bank Channel
2E1,32portS FXO/FXS,8 ports GSM Gateway,E1 GSM PBX,E1 GSM bank Channel

Detailed Product Description
1)It providesE1,analog lines(FXO/FXS) and GSM three kinds of interfaces;
2)4-32 analog lines (FXS/FXO);
3)1-8 GSM wireless lines;
4)2*E1,Signaling:SS7, PRI V5.2
GN-AD300GW, a muliti-function wireless PBX that is developed by Gnextech .it provides three kinds of interface such as E1,analog lines(FXO/FXS) and GSM .and we can easily integrate it into the mobile networks and PSTN.
The analog lines of GN-AD300GW can be flexibily setted the signal parameters with powerful adaptability. The E1 port supports varieties of signaling and can realize the complex between PSTN and PBX call control.Module structure design,real-time embedded operating system, non-blocking switching, low power consumption and high reliability.
GN-AD300GW provides 32 analog line(FXO/FXS) and 8-way wireless GSM.
·E1 x 2,signaling support:SS7,ISDN PRI,Cas,V5.2 etc;
·4-32 analog lines (FXS/FXO),the number of lines can be flexibly configured through change the models;
·1-8 GSM wireless lines.we can flexibly configure the number of lines through change the models;
·All-digital time division switching method.and can provide 512 x 512 switching volume;
·Multi-routing, multi-bureau to management, group, grouping the exchange of management, and intelligent traffic routing distribution and an equal share;
·Transformation capabilities to provide numbers in the inbound and outbound calls can be flexible and change when Leveling Lord called numbers;
·Support Call restrictions, to provide black and white lists;
·Provide a hotline service, users can automatically call after picking up hotline number;
·Offers a variety of ring back tone, can be customized ring back tone own personality;
·Analog circuits can be set to different circumstances ring cycle;
·Caller ID supports DTMF and FSK mode;
·Support incoming relay for re-election, and never busy;
·To provide messaging functionality;
·Provides real-time traffic monitoring capabilities;
·Offers an output record of the original call;
·Supports fixed, mobile operators at the same time access, that is, a plane pairs of numbers;
·Provide CTILink API interface for user program control.

GSM E1 VoIP Multi-Channel Gateway,E1 GSM PBX,E1 GSM bank Channel
Detailed Product Description
1)It provides E1, wireless (GSM) two kinds of interfaces;
2)16 GSM/CDMA/UTMS channels;
3)24 VoIP;
4)Signaling:SS7, PRI V5.2
GN-AD300W is a GSM gateway enabling interconnection of VoIP &PSTN network with mobile networks. The gateway assures international transport of voice channels via an Internet connection. It will provide benefits for fixed mobile convergence, gateway between mobile networks and VoIP networks, Small and medium capacity NEXT Generation Networks and IP telephony for Triple Play Solutions: Voice - Data - Video.
·16 GSM/UTMS/CDMA channels;
·1 VoIP Card
-H323 and SIP - supported;
-Up to 24 voice channels;
·2 E1 trunks, can be multi-stack to 30 simultaneous calls;
·ISDN, SS7, R2, V5.2 signaling protocols supported;
·1 Console port, 1 LAN port;
·Group switching;
·Least Cost Routing by: prefix, time and date: card/port usage;
·CDR output for billing system;
·Flexible call route management;
·Easy to be configured and remote management;
·Live traffic monitoring;
·Number change for caller and called number;

Gnex:Manufacturer of VOIP Phone,Asterisk IPPBX,VOIP Gateway,VOIP GSM CDMA channel bank,VoIP GSM CDMA WCDMA Gateway,E1/T1 GSM Gateway,GSM/CDMA Wireless Terminal,E1/T1 Media Gateway.
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