::..Wholesale A-Z - Stable Routes..::

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::..Wholesale A-Z - Stable Routes..::

Posted:Fri 25 of Feb, 2011 (18:12 UTC)
Dear Forum Members,

VoxCalls gives you an opportunity to have Wholesale A-Z stable and high quality routes. We also have some directs as:
India CLI, Pakistan CLI, Bangladesh, Nepal , Sri Lanka, Philippines, Kenya Safaricom and Zain CLI, Fiji CLI, Somalia Hormund, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria CLI, Turkey CLI, USA CLI, Canada CLIand others. You can test the quality yourself.
Don't hesitate to contact me to get A-Z rate sheet: agun@voxcalls.com (MSN/E-Mail)
VoxCalls is a subsidiary of VoxCom Group LLC, a Florida Corporation. We are an FCC licensed Telecommunications Company and meet all regulatory standards required by USAC. We are interconnected with over 40 global network providers through our various points of presence.

A variety of multinational carrier hotels in the South Florida area as well as large corporations and medium-sized business and small companies use VoxCalls VOIP services for many years.

Billing: 1/1, Free test account
Supported protocols: SIP, H323
Supported Codecs: G723, G729
Payment term is PrePaid