Miss call on 7961G-GE with Elastix

Joined: Mon 28 of Feb, 2011

Miss call on 7961G-GE with Elastix

Posted:Mon 28 of Feb, 2011 (05:02 UTC)
I have a Cisco IP phone 7961G configured with Elastix 2.0 and everything works great minus miss calls.

Miss calls are display on main screen with phone icon/animation showing that phone call is in process and the extention/line button is flashing orange. I don't know if this is the natural behavior of Cisco phone or it has to do with some misconfiguration with config files. Its very annoying and can't be removed until you hit redial soft key.

If someone knows how to fix this, please advise. Its highly appreciated.

Shuja Najmee
Najmee LLC