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Posted:Wed 23 of Mar, 2011 (09:40 UTC)
Hello Althaf,

Does your company have IP PBX? if have, then just ask the switchboard give you an account, then you can use the
ip phone, any brands are ok. Or you can download some software and register an account.

We are ZYCOO.com from China, professional manufacturer of VoIP, IP PBX products, IP phones etc. If you are
intested in our products, please contact me.
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Re: IP phones

Posted:Thu 10 of Mar, 2011 (14:37 UTC)
Hi Robin,

we require normal ip phones.. as of now not required for video phone option.. i am looking at........ Can we expand the IP phones with in our existing network.. what are the pre-requisites for IP phone to setup in a network...

I am not sure about the requirements to set these IP phones go live.. .as of now we have few IP phones in our network.. I dont know how these IP phones were configured. For IP phones to make up .... what are the areas do i need to look at......

I would appreciate if anyone could give me clear information about this...

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Re: IP phones

Posted:Thu 03 of Mar, 2011 (19:41 UTC)
You can look at the Ojo Vision Digital Video Phone. It is an IP phone and you can also do awesome video calling.
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IP phones

Posted:Thu 03 of Mar, 2011 (11:38 UTC)
we are planning to go for IP phones expansion.. as of now we are having 3com ip phones. can we go for other brands too. pls suggest which brand would it be good.