Trixbox connecting different services

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Trixbox connecting different services

Posted:Tue 08 of Mar, 2011 (10:45 UTC)
Hi all,

I don´t know if u can help me in a issue that I have with Asterisk using a Trixbox PBX because I´m very good with Asterisk yet.

My trouble is that I´m trying to use a Trixbox to connect different voip servers and I want that all of them can comunicate with each other using the trixbox. I have a SIP trunk between trixbox and a server and is working fine between trixbox clients and that server clients. I have another trunk, OOH323 trunk, between Trixbox and another server and I can call from trixbox to that server.

The problem is when I try to call between differents clients in differents servers going trough trixbox cos the call never goes and I have and goodbye message in the audio.

Sorry for my english and I hope that someone can help with this issue.