OFFERING Bangladesh & Saudi Arabia !!

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OFFERING Bangladesh & Saudi Arabia !!

Posted:Thu 10 of Mar, 2011 (09:33 UTC)
BREEZECOM is glad to offer Bangladesh & Saudi Arabia with stable quality routes.

BREEZECOM is one of the leading VOIP service provider. We are interconnected with over 250 carrier around the globe.

Billing: 1/1, Free test account
Supported protocols: SIP, H323
Supported Codecs: G723, G729, G711
24/7 online Support

Payment terms: Prepay only

Payment modes: PayPal / Western Union Quick pay/ Wire transfer / Cash Deposit

Feel free to contact me for more information!

E-mail: ganeswari@breezecom.biz
MSN: ganeswari@breezecom.biz
WEB: www.breezecom.biz