ZYCOO ZX50 IP PBX series

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ZYCOO ZX50 IP PBX series

Posted:Wed 23 of Mar, 2011 (09:06 UTC)
The all-in-one ZX50 series of IP PBX can not only provide the traditional basic PBX features as well as enhanced features such as visual voice mail, music on hold , and auto attendant, etc. With Zycoo VoIP solutions, SMEs can take advantage of the VoIP services and quickly deploy VoIP networks to connect multiple branch locations over the Internet without the need to change the current equipment or dial plan.

ZYCOO ZX50 Series IPPBX product line include ZX50-A4, ZX50-A8, ZX50-AG42, ZX50-G4, ZX50-AE41, which has different interface in follow table.
ZX50-A4 A404 4
A422 2 2
ZX50-A8 A808 8
A826 2 6
ZX50-AG42 AG4204 4 2
AG4222 2 2 2
ZX50-G4 G4 4
ZX50-AE41 AE4104 4 1
AE4122 2 2 1

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Key Features

30 Concurrent calls
Up to 100 registers
Video Calls
Multiple Language(English/French/Chinese)
DID(Direct Inward Dialing Number)
Support SKYPE for SIP
Support USB disk recording(Optional)
Call Monitoring

Basic Features
Codec: G.711-Ulaw,G.711-Alaw,G.726,G.729,GSM,SPEEX,H.261,H.263,H.263+,H.264
Call Hold/Forward/Transfer/Waiting/Parking
Call Paging and Intercom
Caller ID
Music On Hold
DISA(Direct Inward System Access)
Flexible Dial Plan
Ring Group
Conference Room
Call Logs
BLF(Busy Lamp Field)
Configuration By web
Built-in SIP/IAX2 server
Build-in voice mail server
System Backup and Restore
Echo Cancelation/VAD
Support Static/DHCP/PPPOE
VPN Client(Support N2N)
DDNS Client(Support Dyndns.org)
Support NTP(Network Time Protocol)