Softswitch Callmax with CallingCard, CallBack, IP PBX, IVR

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Softswitch Callmax with CallingCard, CallBack, IP PBX, IVR

Posted:Wed 30 of Mar, 2011 (11:14 UTC)
Speedflow Communications announces the completely new release of a Class 5 Softswitch CallMax.

CallMax Softswitch is a proprietary Linux-based solution. Innovative multifunctional CallMax Class 5 Softswitch main benefits are unlimited number of subscribers, flexible and convenient user-tree, multilevel role-based functionality, feature-rich multilanguage web-interface, regular free updates, 24/7 technical support.

Among the many services available one should mention Calling Card Platform, CallBack, Residential IP PBX, Hosted IP PBX, SIP-trunking, DID-numbers support, Multilevel IVR-menu, etc. The advanced billing tools of the CallMax Softswitch include absolute credit balance, individual client balance, and such a credit control that makes impossible credit limit exceeding.

CallMax Softswitch is available for RENT and PURCHASE. Speedflow Communications offers FREE TRIAL PERIOD before renting or buying Callmax Softswitch. Test CallMax Softswitch and make your choice!

All our customers get regular updates free of charge!

P.S.: We are looking for representatives in all regions!

For more information contact:
Natalie Tsyplakova
Software Sales Manager
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Skype: natalie_spfl
Tel: + 44 203 0 265 765, ext.: 151