Voicebuy- A-Z Routes, Best Quality, new Products

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Voicebuy- A-Z Routes, Best Quality, new Products

Posted:Tue 05 of Apr, 2011 (19:02 UTC)
Amazing VoIP offer! Voicebuy offers its customers a complex reseller product with the following web features:
1. Website with your own domain, which you can build by adding the desired logo and template.

2. E-mail service. If for instance your site domain is mydomain.com, you will get an email service with info@mydomain.com. In case you want to change it, you can set up your desired email name.

3. Mailing list which enables you to automatically send emails to your customers, informing them of the company's latest updates.

4. Ticket management system. This feature allows you to receive tickets from your customers, therefore effectively manage the working process.
For details, go to http://voicebuy.com/lng/1/8/news.more.html