Detecting Blowing in Microphone on Asterisk

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Detecting Blowing in Microphone on Asterisk

Posted:Tue 10 of May, 2011 (05:19 UTC)
I have a running Asterisk IVR system that is build with DTMF tones detection. It is used for an interactive gaming purpose. Recently I have been exploring on how can I utilize Asterisk to detect a blowing tone from the user. When a user dials in, they will be prompted to blow into the microphone of their phone.

If possible, depending on the dB of the blow tone, the system should respond with a different menu. If not, just a simple low pass filter to detect if a blowing tone exist will be good enough.

Any pointers will be great as I am quite a newbie to Asterisk and I have been using Perl AGI in most of my programs.
Thank you!