SIP testing

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SIP testing

Posted:Wed 11 of May, 2011 (09:29 UTC)
Hi all,

I am writing an app for system testing of a sip-endpoint. I'd like an opinion about some definitions I need to fix.

In my case a SIP test is a program that acts like a the phone and verifies that another SIP end-point behaves in a specific expected way.

Therefore I defined a SIP test failure : "a situation where a test is able to detect that the SIP end-point does not behave in the expected way".

That said, in my opinion, there are only 2 situations that could cause a so-defined SIP test failure:

  • a timeout expires while a test is expecting a specific request/response

  • a different response is received than the one expected (skipping 1xx of course)

Do you reckon this is all, or might there be other situations that could cause a SIP test failure?