Bluenet BM100-EC hardware echo cancellation FOR E1/T1 card

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Bluenet BM100-EC hardware echo cancellation FOR E1/T1 card

Posted:Thu 26 of May, 2011 (06:33 UTC)
Detailed Product Description

1.Certified Carrier grade.
2.128ms tail for all channels
3.Automatic noice reduction
4.Compatible with digium E1/T1 card

Product Features

High Quality: Certified Carrier grade. Benchmark-algorith for echo-cancellation.
Model : BM100EC-32, BM100EC-64, BM100EC-128 for 1/2/4 E1 respectively.
International Standard: OCT EC sets a new srandard for voice quality in networks.
Distiguish Features: 128ms tail per channel for all channels. Automatic noice reduction. Music protection, etc.

Product Overview

All Models of BM100EC-32,BM100EC-64,BM100EC-128 have the same physical interface. BM100-32,BM100EC-64,BM100EC-128 can provide echo cancellation for 32,64,128 channels and can be used with BL120D,BL220D and BL420D respectively.
The OCT EC integrated chip is used in BL100EC. OCT EC chip is deployed worldwide with high quality.
BM100EC is pin to pin compatiable with Digium VPM450. It can be used with Digium digital telephony card with Digium original device drivers.
In addition to the echo cancellation, BM100EC provide functions of Voice Quality Enhancement, noice reduction,music protection,etc.
BM100EC can automatically detect fax and data tones and turn off echo cancellation in fax and data transfer.

Technical Specifications

1.Adaptive noise reduction
2.Acoustic echo control
3.Automatic level control(G.169)
4.Field upgradable algorithm
5.TFO solution available
6.Extensive signaling tone
-V. 25/V. 8 answer tone (w/ & w/o Phase reversal)
- Text telephone signals V18 Annex A - SF signaling (2600 Hz)
- SS7 COT tones
- MF R1 as per Q.323
- MF R2 as per Q.455
- DTMF as per Q.24

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