Bluenet 4-Ports GSM Mobile Card

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Bluenet 4-Ports GSM Mobile Card

Posted:Thu 26 of May, 2011 (06:43 UTC)
Detailed Product Description

1.GSM Tri-band 900/1800/1900 MHz.
2.Both Voice and SMS supported
3.GSM status monitoring
4.Easy maintenance.

Product Features
1.Supporting up to 4 GSM connetions currently.
2.Providing both voice and SMS services at the same time.
3.PCI 2.2 standard compatiable.
4.Optimization of DMA transmission.
5.Compliance with international wireless standards
6.Specifically designed for the Asterisk platform, available for Freeswitch, Yate and other open source project.

SMS features:
1.Short messages can be stored in text file or mysql database. Any other database can be easily supported.
2.Short messages can be sent out in dial-plan, AGI, CLI.
3.All GSM status, such as SIM card, ,GSM network, wireless signal, GSM Module power, etc can be checked in CLI. So it’s easy for maintenance and administration.
4.Easy installation without reinstall your asterisk or dahdi/Zaptel. Only an channel module and a kernel module need to be loaded.

Voice features:
1.Excellent voice quality
2.Call out just as dahdi/zap channels.
3.Receive call without any callerid lost.

Bluenet releases BL400G PCI card, a new product line with GSM interface. This new card supports up to 4 GSM channels and enables users to access the mobile network with their existing asterisk,freeswitch, yate and others.
The GSM card supports both voice and short message services. So it can be used to add SMS services to your call center, IPPBX, etc.
The GSM card is designed to keep pace with the fast growing mobile market and customer demands worldwide. The BL400G fits comfortably with any normal PC/server and increases the flexibility for users.
The release of Bluenet GSM card aims to enable our customers to get into the mobile market and enjoy the advantages that the mobile market offers. System integrators can employ the GSM card to build the best cost effective movable IPPBX to upgrade their product line, increase their market share and gain more profits.”

The Bluenet BL400G provides scalable connectivity to GSM networks for your linux machine. It comes with fully GPLed drivers for the linux 2.4.X and 2.6.X kernels.

Reasons you should choose it:
Long time and complete test to ensure excellent quality.
Easy installation without requirement of reinstalling of your systems.
Supprising and competitive price.

Target Applications
1.GSM connectivity for PBX, callcenter,etc.
2.SMS gateway
3.GSM gateway
4.GSM callback services

BL400G-4 4 GSM Modules
BL400G-3 3 GSM Modules
BL400G-2 2 GSM Modules
BL400G-1 1 GSM Modules

Auto adaptive to 5v and 3.3v PCI 2.2 bus. Auto configuration and compatiable with popular mianboards.
32bits,132M bytes/sec DMA transmission and supporting both slave and master mode.DMA transmission can be optimized according to mainboard.

GSM Network
GSM 900 MHz,DCS 1800 MHz and PCS1900 MHz.

Temperature range:0 – 50C

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