Bluenet E1/T1 PCI/PCIe PRI CARDS with hardware echo cancellation

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Bluenet E1/T1 PCI/PCIe PRI CARDS with hardware echo cancellation

Posted:Thu 26 of May, 2011 (06:57 UTC)
Product Features

Supporting EC Module with Octasic EC chip.
Hardware channel switching.
More efficient processing ability
Supporting Hardware HDLC.
Providing E1/T1/J1 support in one card
Compliance with international telecommunications standards
Specifically designed for the Asterisk platform, available for Freeswitch, Yate and other open source project.


Efficient: Optimization of DMA transmission and hardware switching.
Clock: Support the master-slave clock. So several different carriers can be connected simultaneously.
Interfaces: Mixing T1/E1/J1 have been supported.
Line coding : HDB3 / AMI / B8ZS
Frame format : CRC4 / non-CRC4 / ESF / D4T1 / E1
HDLC Processing: Independent hardware HDLC transceiver
Driver optimization: Specifically optimization for high volume data transmission in drivers.

Technical Specifications

Size :9.5*10CM,(Half-length standard industry pci card).
Weight :200g
BL420D – 4-ports E1/T1/J1
BL220D – 2-ports E1/T1/J1
BL120D – Single port E1/T1/J1

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