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Check out SIPRoutes.com

Access Over 5 Million Routes
Through one source your business gains instant access to over 22 carriers and over 3.6 Million route options. Increased selection affords customers complete control over which carriers you choose to utilize. Multiple configuration options allows control of who, where, when, and at what price to send your SIP Termination traffic. All in real- time and configurable online.

Direct access to every major network. All carriers are normalized from signaling to billing type, consistent across every vendor.
At SIPRoutes.com, we are constantly adding new routes and optimizing the service to increase your control and quality. We proactively route around vendor specific geographic quality issues providing you the highest quality and reducing trouble tickets and support costs for failed calls.
With our suite of online tools your business has complete control over your vendors. Opt-in and opt-out any carrier, manage and set price caps, and configure failover settings.
With over 16 routes to choose from, our clients overall costs for Termination are reduced by as much as 60% while giving you more control and flexibility. This eases the expense of managing vendors, contracts, commitments, pricing updates, and inconstant methods of service delivery.