Alet Call Centre

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Alet Call Centre

Posted:Sat 25 of Jun, 2011 (12:37 UTC)
Alet Call Centre - Solution to organize and control incoming and outgoing communications channels.

Functionality of the system:
• Automatic Operator Workplace
• Card of the incoming call with reference to the client
• Automatic registration of incoming and outgoing calls
• Call Recording
• Tools for collecting call statistics and reporting
• Voice Menu (IVR)
• Predictive method of mass outbound call switching
• Call on groups
• Tools for setting the rules of the chime
• VoIP Technology
• Ability to integrate with any external information system
Mass outgoing calls made using "predictive" method call switching, which allows operators to minimize downtime. In the system there is a management tool rules chime. In the case of unsuccessful calls, the system automatically puts in a call to a second roll call at the same date and time of call calculates based on the rules chime, time zone, end user, the beginning and end of the workday. Each subscriber can have up to two alternative phone numbers. In the case of an unsuccessful call the main number Call Center automatically tries to call for alternative accommodation.
The audience for outgoing calls successfully loaded and unloaded with the help of export and import to Excel
With the help of the module "Reports" of the system can compile a report and get any analytical information on the work of the calls made. This is achieved by the fact that the user can currently select fields for your report and adjust the filtering of the fields. This could be statistics of calls or downloading operators or others in any aspect of data. The report can be deduced both on screen and in the file MS Excel.

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tel.: +380 (66) 616-04-13