Calls Drop at 1hr Mark

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Calls Drop at 1hr Mark

Posted:Mon 27 of Jun, 2011 (14:08 UTC)
Hi all,

I'm new to administering an Asterisk PBX system so please bear with me as I ask newbie questions.
For one of my sites in Europe, outbound calls over our SIP provider are dropped at the 1hr mark. I have not find any timeout settings on my phones or Asterisk settings, and my SIP provider tells me the call disconnects are coming from my end. Can anyone provide any suggestions on where to look or troubleshoot this further?
My setup:

Cisco 7900 Series IP Phones --- Free PBX / Asterisk 1.4.31 --- Cisco Firewall (NAT'ing PBX server) --- Internet Edge to SIP Provider

Many thanks!