Premium Routes Available!!

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Premium Routes Available!!

Posted:Tue 28 of Jun, 2011 (11:02 UTC)
Junctionz is one of the best VOIP Services providers around the world. We provide best quality routes to all our customers to enhance efficiency & reduce cost.

Junctionz is offering high quality premium routes for the following destinations:

 Angola
 Burkina Faso
 Eritrea
 Gabon Republic
 Guinea
 Iraq
 Laos
 Malawi
 Mauritania
 Rwanda
 Sierra Leone
 Suriname

Premium: 50% ASR 8 mins ACD

We also offer:
 Free Testing
 24/7 NOC support
 CDR Panel

To obtain details of access to quality routes, you can contact me:
E-Mail/MSN: sehrish@junctionz.net