module won't load

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module won't load

Posted:Wed 02 of Jun, 2004 (02:12 UTC)
I followed the instructions, however, when asterisk comes up it
can't load the voicemail app. From /var/log/asterisk/messages:

Jun  1 19:03:13 WARNING[16384]: load_module failed, returning -1
Jun  1 19:03:13 WARNING[16384]: Loading module failed!

When someone goes to Voicemail and tries to log in, ASTERISK DIES
immediately and with no messages w/o regard to the verbose setting.

Note: I did a make clean; make; make install. The make date on the .so in question is just before the asterisk binary.

How can I debug this or fix it? I had to return to non-sql so this would stay up... since it's a production box... but I can test on evenings.