odd behavior

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odd behavior

Posted:Thu 07 of Jul, 2011 (23:39 UTC)
I have a budget noname VoIP phone connected to a Trixbox server. The phone will not register with the Asterisk server unless I issue 'sip debug' from a terminal session.
Once the box is rebooted or 'sip no debug' command is issued the server reports a 400 code, unauthorized for the exten and as such will not work unless a 'sip debug' command is issued again....
Has anyone seen this or know how I can get around it?

other info on the phone:
I have tried to find some information on this phone, but no one wants to acknowledge it.
The MAC address 00-09-45-xx-xx-xx seems to point to Palmmicro, but they insist not them:

the web interface only indicates it is based on a TI-5000 chip, no other identification.