.:. Wholesale A-Z, Directs and Hosted Servers .:.

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Re: .:. Wholesale A-Z, Directs and Hosted Servers .:.

Posted:Fri 05 of Aug, 2011 (16:54 UTC)
Hello, Karina.
I am a Sales Manager of the company LevelNet.Our company wants to deal with you. If you are interested, please, contact us.

Skype: anna_levelnet
MSN: anna@levelnetinc.com
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.:. Wholesale A-Z, Directs and Hosted Servers .:.

Posted:Mon 01 of Aug, 2011 (15:48 UTC)
Dear Forum Members,

I would like to offer you stable routes to A - Z destinations. The quality of the route is high and the rates are competitive. We are also offering some direct routes to the following destinations: India CLI, Pakistan CLI, Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt, Syria CLI, Turkey CLI, Somalia, Kenya Safaricom and Zain CLI, USA and others.

Contact me to get the rate sheet as well as a free test account: karina at voxcalls.com (MSN/E-Mail)

We are also providing Servers for Renting. See the details below:
Server 2
Intel 3.00 GHz
Dual Scsi raid 40 GB HD
1 x 250 HD for back up
4 GB Memory
24x7 Monitoring System
Network Uptime SLA - 99.999%
Class 5 Data Center
windows server 2003
2 x 3.00 GHz Intel Xeon 5150
4.00 GB of RAM
2 x 150 GB Raid configuration
100 Mpbs ethernet port
10 Mpbs Dedicated bandwidth (for VoIP)
Monthly Fee $199 + $25 for each 1 Mbps over 10 Mbps

We can make the servers bigger as per customers' request
VoxCalls is an FCC licensed Telecommunications Company and meets all regulatory standards required by USAC. It is a subsidiary of VoxCom Group LLC. VoxCalls offers competitive rates and superior quality calls from its next-generation network. A variety of multinational carrier hotels as well as large corporations, medium-sized business, and small companies use VoxCalls VOIP services for many years.

Billing: 1/1, Free test account
Supported protocols: SIP, H323
Supported Codecs: G723, G729
Payment term is PrePaid