TFTP server on Freeswitch Multi-tenant

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TFTP server on Freeswitch Multi-tenant

Posted:Sun 28 of Aug, 2011 (00:38 UTC)
I'm trying to find a solution to setup a TFTP server on the Freeswitch box for multi-tenants. Each tenant will be coming from there own IP Subnet, however, I would like to redirect the directory of the TFTP Server based on their source subnet.

Client A connected to 192.168.132.X/24 redirect to /tftpboot/Client_A/

Client B connected to 192.168.110.X/24 redirect to /tftpboot/Client_B/

Wanting to have some kind of organization with this, plus less administration on the phones so I don't have to specify on each phone which directory to go to. Just put in the TFTP option in the dhcp server and go. This will not be a viable solution when you have a couple 100 phones to administer when having to touch each phone.

If someone could point me in the right direction, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,