Infonetics Research: BT, TDC, Vodafone among top hosted business VoIP service leaders in EMEA

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Infonetics Research: BT, TDC, Vodafone among top hosted business VoIP service leaders in EMEA

Posted:Mon 12 of Sep, 2011 (08:07 UTC)
Market research firm Infonetics Research today released excerpts from its annual EMEA Business VoIP Services Leadership Scorecard,which analyzes and ranks the top service providers in the IP Centrex market in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

“In all parts of EMEA, including Africa and the Middle East, we continue to see strong deployments of IP Centrex services. In evaluating the top 10 IP Centrex providers across the region, little has changed in the mix of our list of leaders from 2010. All but three of the providers in our top 10 are incumbent operators, which is reflective of the EMEA landscape, where most providers compete nationally rather than regionally. Mobility continues to be a critical capability as businesses look towards flexibility and integration of services into a single mobile device. Those providers that are focused on FMC (fixed-mobile convergence) capabilities are true stand-outs, notes Diane Myers, directing analyst for voip services and IMS at Infonetics Research.


The top EMEA IP Centrex service providers overall are, in no particular order: BT, TDC, and Vodafone
The top 10 providers are very close to each other in ranking
There is a growing list of providers close behind the top 10 across Western and Eastern Europe and Africa, signaling continuing strength in IP Centrex across the region
In EMEA, business VoIP services deployments are coming from competitive operators, mobile operators, and incumbents
Whereas in North America only a few providers have broken the 100,000-seat mark, the top providers in EMEA are all close to or exceed 100,000 IP Centrex seats
voip services providers ranked in the EMEA Business VoIP Services Leadership Scorecard include Bezeq, BT, Orange, Netia, SFR, TDC, Telefonica O2, Telekom Slovenia, T-Systems, and Vodafone. The Scorecard, which is included in Infonetics’ VoIP and Unified Communication Services and Subscribers market share and forecast report, identifies the top IP Centrex (business VoIP services) providers in EMEA based on criteria critical to determining market leadership, including number of IP Centrex subscriber installed base, financial stability, market strategy, service development, and support options. The leadership matrix determines which voip services ( providers currently lead the market and are best positioned to succeed long-term.