Softphone - Click to dial

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Re: Softphone - Click to dial

Posted:Fri 23 of Sep, 2011 (17:02 UTC)
try any good android phone and install VoIZ and try it.. i think they are running some contest in facbook too in the Voiz page where u can earn free talktime too...
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Softphone - Click to dial

Posted:Wed 21 of Sep, 2011 (02:38 UTC)
I need a softphone that does click to dial/call from MS Access. i.e. I have a list populated with names phone numbers. I can (in Access) make an ajacent field that puts the prefix sip: and suffix @myprovider.com and make it a hyperlink. Then by clicking the link, it launches (if not launched already) the softphone and dials the number.
Everything I've seen seems to be related to a specific IP PBX backend such as Asterisk etc, why? Surely it is not too difficult to get a softphone that is already configured with sip account to do this?