==== BD CLI, BD NON CLI & BD Digital====

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==== BD CLI, BD NON CLI & BD Digital====

Posted:Wed 21 of Sep, 2011 (08:43 UTC)
Junctionz astounding offer for BANGLADESH route having unmatched quality and excellent rates!!!

Bangladesh CLI ASR 50%, ACD 8- CLI guaranteed
Bangladesh Non CLI ASR 25-30%, ACD 5mins.
Bangladesh Digital 30-40% ASR, ACD 7 mins.

Also included in the offer:
• Free Testing
• 24/7 Technical Support
• CDR Panel
• Excellent Customer Services

Our payment mode is:
Billing: Per Second
Payment: Prepay

Payment Methods: Bank wire (Pakistan, Malaysia & Hong Kong), Western Union & Paypal. We are now also accepting payments in Bangladesh!!

For FREE testing and further assistance contact:
Email: sehrish@junctionz.net
MSN: sehrish@junctionz.net