Recommendation for Percy K

Joined: Wed 21 of Sep, 2011

Recommendation for Percy K

Posted:Wed 21 of Sep, 2011 (21:34 UTC)
When our company needed an expert consultant to help us with the implementation of Asterisk and Voice over IP, we were extremely fortunate to find Percy Kwong. He not only helped us to scope the project correctly, he also provided invaluable advice regarding the pros and cons of using trixbox vs. FreePBX, gave us detailed specifications for the best hardware to use, and suggested SIP providers he felt would offer quality service within our desired price-range.

When we encountered the inevitable “bumps-in-the-road” during implementation, Percy was there to offer guidance and support. We were able to overcome several obstacles only because of Percy’s solid technical advice and calm reassurance.

Following deployment, Percy has continued to be an essential resource--whether we are troubleshooting problems, considering other potential projects, or just asking a few questions about on-going maintenance.

If we have an Asterisk project of any size, and need technical advice, we want Percy on the team. In fact, after our previous experience of working with him, we wouldn’t want anyone else.

Thank you,

Brian S. Pauls
President, PerAspera Consulting LLC