Best-of-Class VoIP Switch Analytics by HostedSwitch.COM
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Best-of-Class VoIP Switch Analytics by HostedSwitch.COM

Posted:Sun 02 of Oct, 2011 (18:07 UTC)
HostedSwitch.COM, class 4 VoIP switch for small and medium-size telephony providers and VoIP minutes traders, introduces best in breed analytics for VoIP wholesalers.

Using newly developed Dashboard VoIP business owners can take in at a glance such important information as Total Profit/Revenue, Top Carriers, Top Routes and Destinations. Online Charts provide near real-time update on Total Call Duration, Call Attempts, ASR, ACD and Maximum Concurrent Calls. The Charts can be easily filtered by Customers, Gateways and Routes. To top it off, one can compare current statistics with the past periods.

If you would like to learn more and get a trial account for free please follow this link: http: // hostedswitch . com/all-in-one-softswitch . html

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