"jaZba" Mobile Dialer with “Crystal Clear Quality” For Saudi Arabia

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"jaZba" Mobile Dialer with “Crystal Clear Quality” For Saudi Arabia

Posted:Mon 03 of Oct, 2011 (10:15 UTC)
“jaZba” is one of the premier VoIP service providers with an ever growing, happy and satisfied customer, We always put the customer preferences first and is renowned for delivering high quality VoIP phone service.

“jaZba” is not only price competitive but also ensures high quality , full of feature VOIP services.

“jaZba” is for those, who want crystal clear voice, a very stable retail panel, unlimited resellers layers, Perfect billing, Works on low bandwidth and a very high tech support 24 hours and 7 days a week.

We are looking for VoIP Reseller in Saudi Arabia, who can sell retail VoIP services with brand name “jaZba”.

Easy Payment banking option in Saudi Arabia is also available.

This platform includes:

• PC2fone dialer
• Mobile dialer
• Device2phone
• Nokia SIP

For further inquiry regarding the product and Test Pin, please do not hesitate to contact on below details:

URL: www.fonebooth.hk
Email: sales@fonebooth.hk