=== Haiti Premium All at only 0.185 ===

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=== Haiti Premium All at only 0.185 ===

Posted:Wed 05 of Oct, 2011 (15:12 UTC)
Dear Forum Members,

Hurry up to get ports for Haiti all premium route at only 0.185. Don't hesitate to contact me to get a free test account as well as Wholesale A-Z rate sheet: karina(at)voxcalls.com (MSN/E-Mail)

VoxCalls is an FCC licensed Telecommunications Company and meets all regulatory standards required by USAC. It is a subsidiary of VoxCom Group LLC. We are currently routing traffic to over 40 global partners and building POPs in the major countries. Our network connections will help you streamline your network operations.

VoxCalls offers competitive rates and superior quality calls from its next-generation network. A variety of multinational carrier hotels as well as large corporations, medium-sized business, and small companies use VoxCalls VOIP services for many years.
Billing: 1/1, Free test account
Supported protocols: SIP, H323
Supported Codecs: G723, G729
Payment term is PrePaid