Unblocked Reseller Solutions |Pc2Phone| |Mobile Dialer| |Device2 phone|

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Unblocked Reseller Solutions |Pc2Phone| |Mobile Dialer| |Device2 phone|

Posted:Thu 06 of Oct, 2011 (05:51 UTC)
Fonebooth is a leading VOIP service provider serving millions of customers. We allow you to manage your Resellers panels without any extra or hidden charges and free VoIP Tunnel (VPN).

Our service portfolio meets the requirement of every customer. The Service includes:

Mobile Dialer
Call Shop Solutions

We offer complete A-Z along with our retail platform solution:

These routes are ONLY available with our retail Platform along with premium white A-Z CLI routes.

Free VoIP Tunnel (VPN)
Real Time Online Billing and CDRs for your customers
You can set your own Rates, and determine your own Profit
No Large Deposit or commitment required (pay as you go)

Contact us for further details.

Fonebooth, Sales Team
Email: sales@fonebooth.hk
Web: www.fonebooth.hk