||Pc2Phone||Mobile Dialer||Device 2Phone||No Blockage & Excellent Quality||

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||Pc2Phone||Mobile Dialer||Device 2Phone||No Blockage & Excellent Quality||

Posted:Wed 12 of Oct, 2011 (10:40 UTC)
Fonebooth is one of the leading VOIP service provider on the VoIP Globe, attracting millions of customers. Fonebooth specializes in VoIP internet telephony business while offering VoIP reseller and VoIP carrier services globally to all VoIP domain partners in Gulf Countries.

We are dedicated to delivering Customer Management and Billing Solutions for Resellers based on VoIP.

Our service portfolio meets the requirement of every customer. The Service includes:

• Mobile Dialer
• PC-2-Phone
• Device-to-Phone
• Call Shop Solution

Fonebooth offer complete A-Z voice termination along with our Retail platform Solution. Our VoIP Traffic network is supported by a 24/7 Network-Operation-Centre (NOC), ensuring the reliability of high quality service.

We also offer free Services to our Valued Customer like:

• VoIP Termination
• VoIP Reseller
• Call Shop Solution
• Free VoIP Tunnel (VPN)
• No Large Deposit or commitment required (pay as you go)
• Billing and CDRs for your customers

We always ensure quality service to our Customers.

Please contact us for Free Test Pin to check quality & service.

Fonebooth Sales Team
Email: sales@fonebooth.hk
Web: www.fonebooth.hk