How to Make Asterisk-based Elastix, Trixbox, FreePBX Music On Hold Loop

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How to Make Asterisk-based Elastix, Trixbox, FreePBX Music On Hold Loop

Posted:Wed 19 of Oct, 2011 (13:46 UTC)
On Hold Company company recently made the switch to an Asterisk-based phone system, and we love it. Because we are an audio marketing company, we felt it was crucial that our telephone system sounded great and was easy to navigate.

We chose the Elastix Open Source platform. We worked very hard to develop creative and professional voice prompts and on-hold messages. We spent countless hours flow-charting the caller experience. Finally, we completed the project and deployed the new system. Almost instantly callers told us how impressed they were with our new system. Feel free to call and give it a listen at 800-492-9030.

Within a few days of going live, we noticed that callers who were placed on hold were not hearing the entire on-hold message. They were hearing the message start from the beginning after any transfer or from the exact same spot they left it when placed on hold.

Traditionally, on-hold messages are played in a loop. By playing the messages in a loop, the caller is able to enter the ad at various places in the rotation, increasing their chance of hearing more ads. The thought of our on-hold messages working in a way that was inferior is simply NOT an option. So we set on a path to find a solution and we did!

Here’s the basic concept. All Asterisk based platforms – Elastix, Trixbox, FreePBX and many more – have a module to play music on hold. Most accept .wav or .mp3 files. Newer versions also will accept .mp3 streams as well (This is the key). To get this working, we simply hooked up a Barix Instreamer 100 to one of our on-hold players and connected the Instreamer to our LAN. Then we created a new music source in Elastix and input the address of the stream from the Instreamer and viola, looping music on hold.

Sound hard? It’s not. This is just one example of the creative solutions our team delivers daily at On Hold Company. If your Asterisk based phone system is driving your callers crazy repeating the first part of your on hold messages over and over, contact us at We can help!