Dedicated Server, A2Z Wholesale Termination, and VoIP Solution

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Dedicated Server, A2Z Wholesale Termination, and VoIP Solution

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Dear Recipients

Swift Servers maintains a large stock of top quality branded servers, including Dell and HP, ready for prompt provisioning to our customers. Whether you prefer a Windows server or Linux, Swift Servers delivers. Dedicated servers for every major operating system. All our servers come with well recognized superior network quality and hardware support, included at no additional charge.

Dual Core (Per month from)
£ 38.00

Quad Core (Per month from)
£ 59.00

Dual Quad Core (Per month from)
£ 144.00

100Mbps Servers Unmetered (flat-fee) bandwidth servers (Per month from)
£ 104.00

1Gbps Servers Unmetered (flat-fee) High bandwidth servers (Per month from)
£ 854.00

100TB Servers High bandwidth finest dedicated servers (Per month from)
£ 124.00

A2Z Wholesale Termination
SwiftServers is a fast growing telecommunication service provider. Thanks to interconnections with more than 100 carriers we provide you the best terminating quality to the cheapest prices available on the VOIP market. We offer our service to carriers, small businesses, callshops, resellers and other VOIP service roviders.

Complete VoIP Switch Solution (Works without VPN)
SwiftServers Turnkey platform offers to create your VoIP Company and implement the business models of your choice. SwiftServers makes it easy to set up, manage, and expand your business. Just Add £ 50.00 for SoftSwitch support per month on the above server and get complete SoftSwitch Solution.

Class 5 Softswitch
Integrated Billing
Resellers Module
Calling Cards Module
Callback Module
24/7 technical support
Comprehensive Web Interface
Real-Time Traffic Control and Rerouting

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