Ring additional extensions with Asterisk?

Joined: Wed 12 of Oct, 2011

Ring additional extensions with Asterisk?

Posted:Sat 22 of Oct, 2011 (09:13 UTC)
Hi, Utilising some information I found here, I've got bedlam(very loud external ringer) to sound when an external call arrives at the PBX. I've got 4 bedlam callers spread through my factory.

What I need to do now, is configure it so that if an extension near one of the 4 bedlams rings, the bedlam nearest the phone will ring. So a sort of monitoring that extension and if it rings, ring a bedlam too.

So for example, if the phone was assigned extn 1001 and the bedlam 1002...

If an external call comes in on PSTN, 1002 is in the ring-group for external calls, and it will sound. 1001 isn't so it doesn't ring.

If someone then rings 1001, but no one is in the group office, on the factory floor instead, I want 1002 to detect that a call on 1001 and start ringing too.

I'm wondering if I need to setup queues. Any rapid assistance would be good please?