custom automated meeting

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custom automated meeting

Posted:Thu 03 of Nov, 2011 (21:10 UTC)
I need your help in implementing the following scenario:

A certain extension will ring two specific sip phones simultaneously, and when one
of them answers, the other keeps ringing until it answers too, and then
all three (the caller and the other two) are immediately placed in a
conference room (same room for all three).

In other words:
Person A dials 123456789. Asterisk routes the incoming call and rings
sip phones B and C. Person B answers phone B and starts talking with
person A, while phone C keeps ringing. A minute later, and while A and B
are still talking together, person C answers phone C, and starts talking
with A and B together (that is automatically all being placed in the same
conference room).

How do we do it?