Connecting two countries

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Connecting two countries

Posted:Wed 16 of Nov, 2011 (02:53 UTC)
I posted this in VOIP Forum also

I have a question and I apologize for my ignorance I honestly know nothing about this stuff.
Here's what I want to do my business is in Los Angeles and I want to expand into Guatemala hiring about 10 to 20 sales reps to do some sales.
However I want them to be able to have a phone number in Guatemala that would ring here in Los Angeles if it's called. I've looked into different options and I hear these terms, DID, channels, asteriks, etc I don't know what any of that means!

I just want them to have a phone number that rings here obviously as cheap as possible. It could be one number with 20 extensions or 20 different numbers. Also I'd like it to be scalable so I can expand. How would I do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!