!!!!!!! Quality Routes Available!!!!!!

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!!!!!!! Quality Routes Available!!!!!!

Posted:Thu 17 of Nov, 2011 (10:04 UTC)
Dear Voip Partners,

Junctionz is one of the best VOIP service providers around the world. We provide best quality routes to all our customers to enhance efficiency and reduce cost.
Junctionz is offering high quality routes for the following destinations:

• Nepal ( CLI & Non- CLI)
• Srilanka (CLI & Non- CLI)
• Indonesia (Non-CLI)

Route Stats:

• Premium (CLI) : ASR 50%, ACD 8 mins
• Wholesale (Non-CLI): ASR 25-30% ACD 5mins

We also offer:
• Free Testing
• 24/7 NOC support
• CDR Panel
Payment Terms: Prepay Only
Payment Mode: Pay Pal, Bank Wire (Hong Kong, Malaysia and Pakistan), Western Union/Xpress Money. Payment is also accepted in UAE.
For details and FREE testing contact:
Email: hira@junctionz.net
MSN: hira.shamsi@junctionz.net